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Welcome to Wrongwood  is a system neutral microsetting designed for the Forests of Another Name Jam hosted by Yochai Gal.

The stench of corruption matches the visible decay, trees taking twisted forms, bound in wreaths of creeping fluorescent mold. The forest is now a super-organism, a huge parasitic slime mold network. The mold tempts creatures in by forming humanoid pseudopods that make singing and crying noises by forcing air through organic pipes.

The setting is sparse forest horror adventure, useful for introduing world lore elements (through visions created by the psychic spores), created procedurally by the 7 included random tables.

At each location on the map, read the numbered entry, then roll for Atmosphere, Creature and their Feature, and  for their Reaction.

When folded into a small Pocketfold shape you can view the text, interior art, and tables at the same time. 


Cover art by Daniel Locke 

Everything else by David Blandy


Get this Weird wood pocketmod and 13 more for $20.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
27% Off
$3.00 $2.19 USD or more

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EDIT: fixed! Please disregard! It might be my pdf display program (acrobat on OSX) but the 5th and 6th warps are obscured by the page numbering in the FOLDS pdf.


Arg, thank you! Fixed that now. Thanks for having a look at the setting.


5 Stars! Wrongwood is full of perfect toxic-forest vibes and is perfectly written with plenty of roll tables. This is such a flavourful setting and a must-have for all GMs.

Thanks Cat! Looking forward to building on it into a suite of mini-settings