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8000 years ago the Climate Cataclysm forced the remaining people of Earth into Havens, deep underground. Down there, they waited, and they changed, creating new ways of living, merging with the surrounding flora and fauna into post-human forms. Only now they’re returning to the surface, faced with Martians who have come to impose their ways.

Welcome to BRIGHTHELM is a system-neutral microsetting designed for the Pocket Places Jam 2021, as part of Brighton Digital festival.

The setting is sparse science fantasy, created procedurally by the 7 included random table, perfect for Into the Odd, Troika, D&D, Knave and my own system, Lost Eons. 

At suitable locations on the map, on the Surface or Underground, roll for Encounter, Creature, Complication, and Atmosphere. 

When folded into a small Pocketfold shape you can view the text, interior art, and tables at the same time. 


Layout, Map and concept David Blandy

Writing Crispin Gair, Tim Coxon, Theweddingplanner, Barney Dicker, Dale and David Blandy

With thanks to Amy Osborne and Alli Beddoes

Created as part of Brighton Digital Festival 2021

Support Made with the generous support of Arts Council England


Get this game and 11 more for $15.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$3.00 $1.50 USD or more

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If you're in need and can't afford a copy of the game, help yourself to a community copy of the digital zine. These copies were generously provided by supporters of the LOST EONS ONESHEET and Core Books. Extra copies will be added with every sale.


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A very cool, weird, sci-fi setting that rendered a lot of laughs to me and my friends. 11/11​


Hey, thanks for playing! Where did you explore? 

We barely started exploring Google. It was a very short session so we were arriving at the surface into it as a flock of thieving birds made out with a bag of heirloom catnip seeds.

Ah sounds awesome! Let me know if you have further adventures :)