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Lost Eons: Three Worlds Through a series of online workshops, artist David Blandy and young artists from the Venture Arts' studio have been reimagining Manchester 8000 years from now.

Venture Arts is an award-winning charity based in Hulme, Manchester. They support people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential through visual arts and culture. All proceeds from this publication go to Venture Arts.

Manchester. They support people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential through visual arts and culture. All proceeds from this publication go to Venture Arts.

Niamh, Raven and George from Venture Arts have spent time with David, talking, drawing and writing. Their collective imaginings have been captured in the zine Lost Eons: Three Worlds.

Explore Three Worlds and be transported to Manchester in 8000 years where you’ll find Niamh’s ‘Crystal Kingdom’. Then perhaps wander around George’s ‘Park’ to meet Heaton Park Rose Queen, Waddlefly Splitface Plant and many more wondrous characters. Finally, journey through The Enchanted Forest, The City and The Secret Space, in Raven’s ‘Enchanted Series’, but do be careful of The Demon Plaag!

Words from the Authors

Niamh Ball The project was about Manchester thousands of years in the future. I created drawings based on a city, half on land and half underwater. I wanted everyone to be both, humans and sea animals - combined like penguins and mermaids. The project was really good and I spent a lot of time on it. I liked spending time on the drawings and adding detail. I was able to talk to David about my ideas and drawings.

Raven Keating My project is about mixing animal features into humans. Before they became animals they were sad and depressed humans, desperate for help. As they travelled away from their old town they discovered an enchanted forest with the main character Toby, the magical mushroom. Toby enchanted them with the animal looks. Eve is the goat being and Amorie is the boy goat being, and they are living in the cave, which is the home of their missing parents. When I did this piece I found it really enjoyable, and I wish to continue with it even though I know it will now be my own thing. When I found out about this project I found it really inspiring.

George Parker Conway I really enjoyed doing the project as I liked combining plants, mankind and animals together to create weird and wonderful creatures which would be living 8000 years later in Manchester. I liked doing a combination of both pencil and coloured pencil drawings. Overall, I have found the project very satisfying and enjoyable, being able to show David my weekly progress of the illustrations which I have been doing for this project.

Lost Eons: Three Worlds has been supported by Castlefield Gallery and Venture Arts.

Special thanks to Castlefield Gallery Commissioning Patrons.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Venture Arts, Manchester.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorDavid Blandy
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsArt Book, Fantasy, fkr, worldbuilding


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