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A pared-down one-sheet version of the forthcoming Lost Eons rules, alongside an 8 page procedural inverse dungeon, a journey to the surface world from your utopean underground Haven.

An FKR inspired mashup of Blades in the Dark and 24XX, with an improvised card-based magic system, Lost Eons reconfigures fantasy and that dragon game for a world recovered from a devastating climate cataclysm. 

The Lost Eons rules have been written with  Laurie O'Connel

This one sheet version was written with schteeef who also created the beautiful leaf texture art. Other art is by Jacob Barry,  Craig David Parr and David Blandy, with thanks to Gabriel Caetano, mvsadpress, Vagrant Ludology.

This version of the forthcoming game was made for the Applied Hope Jam and the Solarpunk Jam.


LOST EONS ONE SHEET© 2021 by David Blandyis licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

This means you are free to share and adapt these materials in personal and commercial works, using the same type of licence, provided you give attribution to David Blandy using the following text.

Attribution This work includes material derived from Lost Eons, available by CC BY-SA 4.0 license at https://davidblandy.itch.io/. [Product Name] is not affiliated with David Blandy.

Limitations Lost Eons' rules are intended for use in real games. Do not include racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and all similarly fake and rubbish tropes, themes, and other content in materials derived from David Blandys work.

Creative Commons Licence
Lost Eons© 2021 by David Blandy is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorDavid Blandy
Tags24xx, bitd, Dice, dungeon, Dungeon Crawler, solarpunk, Tabletop role-playing game


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Lost_Eons_Utopian ONE SHEET SPECIAL v2.pdf 16 MB
Lost_Eons_Utopian ONE SHEET SPECIAL pages.pdf 16 MB
Lost Eons Onesheet for colour print (20 page spreads).pdf 39 MB
Lost_Eons_ One sheet (pages) for colour print.pdf 38 MB

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I'm trying to print out the pages version as an A5 booklet, but the page order of the pdf doesn't work for that as it's not entirely sequential.

Would it be possible to make an amended version with the sequential page order please?


ah yes! I suppose I didn’t think anyone would do that, but I can add a “cover” to make it print friendlier. 


OK- uploaded a version, hope that works well for you!

(1 edit)

Sweet, Thanks.

I'll let you know how it goes.

(2 edits)

The version you uploaded is spreads, which is no good for booklet printing.

That said, I was inspired to go back to the previous pages version and print it out from page 2 onwards and then use the first spread from the original spreads version as a wraparound cover!

So I found my own solution.

(1 edit)

Here's what the results look like.  I used a low ink print option for this A5 booklet, so the colours aren't as rich as they would be otherwise.


The Lost Eons is a gem of a game. Maybe a fusion of OSR with Solarpunk and Survivival? I love the character and haven generation/creation tables. There is so much to play with here and I set it aside for playing this game as soon as I get the chance!

absolutely amazing, i’m looking forward so much for the full game. (disclaimer: I’ve read some of it already and, yeah, it’s genius)


Great one! Eager for the full thing!

Question: I'm not sure about the creatures stats. Was that proposital?
Here's what I think:

1d4 Flying spy drones DMG 2 DEF 1xN DIF 5 Special Self destruct (ALL) DMG 3 DIF 4

-they cause 2 damage, have 1x(number of them or of players), you fail if roll less than 5. Self destruct is a 'move', causing 3 damage, and you roll the standard way to avoid it (4+ to not fail)

Am I too far off?

You’ve got it! The full combat rules will be in the full game, but here you go- All creatures attack as a pack, so no matter how many there are they retaliate after every player turn. To dodge their attack you have to match their Difficulty. Defense is like a pack HP, so if there are 3 of them, the pack has 3 DEF. If a player does a crit, doing 2 damage, they manage to destroy 2 at once. The Special is an attack the pack can do once per round (a round is over when every player has attacked and every attack has been retaliated). Specials sometimes effect all players at once, rather than one (marked ALL), or have special conditions. I hope that helps! 

Nice! Helps a lot

Absolutely brilliant! Great piece of work. I love it. 


Great design for a great reading. The instructions are clear, this is an 8-9 page reading with a very interesting "inversed dungeon". Has some mysteries and clearly, needs to be played to encover the truth about Upside !! :D

thanks for reading it through!