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cant wait for the spiral bound to arrive in my mutated little claws


can’t wait to get it all ready for you! The art is so close now, and the writing is going through final passes. Thank you! 

I've been really enjoying this game and I'm looking forward to the Kickstarter version! One thing that I don't understand is Supply. If I start the game with a pair of goggles in my inventory, can I convert them into Supply later in the game to repair something? Or is Supply completely different than regular lowercase supplies? Does 1 Supply take up an inventory slot? Hoping to get more answers in the next version!


Thanks for playing! Working hard on the KS version as we speak, so I’ll add some clarification into the revised rules. But to answer your question, Supply takes one inventory until it is used. Once it’s used for repair or revealed as another common object, it stops being Supply and becomes that repair or other thing. Supply is the potential of something, like Schrödinger's Cat. The reverse transformation is impossible, BUT a reasonable scrapping of something to repair something else would always be allowed. Say there’s a broken telescope, you could use googles to repair it, or an empty oil drum and a blowtorch could repair some armour. If it works in the fiction, the story you’re telling, it works in the game. Hope that helps. 

Hi! Just wondering if the itch version will be updated in line with the Kickstarter? Awesome work btw!

thanks very much! The text will be updated- The itch version will be updated to the pdf of the spiral bound, and I’ll do a slightly higher tier for the pdf of full-art version, and seperate pdfs for the bundle of adventures. You would get all of them as soon as they’re ready if you back the Kickstarter at any tier except $1. 

thanks for the info!

Chris McDowall read through ECO MOFOS!! on steam last night! So good to hear his thoughts. Lots to ponder. 
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This is a great!

Just want to report a couple of inconsistency in text :)
1. Page 9 - Who are you section - Supply (p.XX) should be be Supply (p.17)

2. Page 9 - Juice Section - Burden (p.XX) should be Burden (p.10)

3. Page 77 - Job Table - Action Result 1-2 and 3-4 should be different?

4. Page 11-16 - In the starting item text, there are variations of +1A, +1 Armour, 1 Armour. I guess they all mean the same thing?

Also a suggestion if I may, is it possible to remove the use of profanity in the text or maybe add some variety? Somehow they feel out of place eventhough this is a punk RPG. On the other hand, maybe they are just not integrated well enough throughout the text (there are 4 F and 2 Shxt words in 74 pages. Somehow I wish there are either more creative uses of them or just none of them...)

Many thanks for taking the time with the game! The text here is still very much a WIP, so I’ll resolve all those issues before release. I agree about the profanities. They were there at the genesis of the project but now seem largely redundant. I’ll settle on a “voice” throughout. Thanks again. 

Dan and I got to play ECO MOFOS!! with Tony Plus 1 EXPand Colin Le Sueur We played my one-shot adventure A-Hole in the Ground and it was awesome. Thanks so much all of you. I had a blast.


Great game ! I love the variety of loot and the locations table are great. However I did not quite understand how map making works (eng is not my first language).

Do we use Day Scale for travelling (1 point = a few hours of exploration) between Week Scale point ?

I think an example of a finished game map with differenciation between Week and Day scale point would help a lot.

I know the answer could be "do as you like, interpret the rules" but I am really trying to grasp what you intended with this map system.

Thank you !

hey Vrago, thanks for checking out the game and taking time to read it through. 

I think you’ve perfectly understood the essence of the map system. At Week scale, a map represents major points of interest, divided by a certain number of day’s travel. 

Each of those individual days of travel is represented by other randomly rolled maps, as the player seeks to travel from Entrance to exit through the terrain. 

The maps can even be used at a smaller scale, inside Bunkers and Lairs, to represent different rooms in an underground space. 

Does that help at all? 

Thanks for taking of your time to answer, I really appreciate it !

Okay so the maps at Day Scale take the place of the "lines" between two Week Scale point of interest to represent a sort of path between places. I was leaning into this but I'm glad you confirmed my doubts.

I was also wondering, when do you roll on the Terrains or Location table (those with the Environment and Feature columns) ? I guess the answer could be "whenever you feel like" but I'm wondering how you do it.

Can't wait to start my first game on this, the loot tables are really great

no problem! I play that you roll when you or the players see it. Like say they’re at a Settlement and there are 3 routes out-  they would know the terrain of each of those routes. And those terrains stay the same all the way to the next Point on the Week scale. If there’s local knowledge, say they’re taking to an NPC, the terrains can be known before they’re reached. I hope that helps! 

Oh ok! I was talking more about specific features of terrain.

Imagine you want to travel to some Stronghold ahead, two days of travel through Wilderness. As I understood, we roll on the Map table for 2 maps (Day Scale) to go through before reaching the Stronghold. During the travel, we know it is wilderness, how often do you roll for features or environment on the "Wilderness Table" (page 46). Each point ? Or Each day ?

I don't know if I'm really clear here sorry ! :')


ah ok! It’s a new roll, at every point in the Journey, roll for environment and feature. If there’s an exclamation mark, also roll for Hazard, if a question mark, also roll for Loot. 

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Has something for everyone! Interesting "Solar Punk" style world with some magic/punk hybrid elements that blend ttrpg genres with a dystopian and cyberpunk, then wrap it in a synthwave retro theme?! Gasp... and it's 70 pages! (Zine version is 40)

One thing I would like to see is Solo only version with some narrated, choose your own adventure paragraphs... oh wait, you also made Lost Eons!

Thank you so much for your comments and taking the time with the game! Feel free to add a rating if you haven’t already. I think a more cofefied solo module would be great. I may well make one, using the Wretched and Alone template I used for Babel. Glad you’ve heard of Lost Eons! 


Bananas, in the best way. A post-post-apocalyptic, weirdhope, mutant punk game of adventure. There’s nothing else like it.


This is a great game with really strong exploration mechanics and a striking tone.

Our game pitch on Dieku! 

Nice read through of an early version of the game by Lone Adventurer!

Follow the Kickstarter!


Very cool game!
There is a Playthrough in PT-BR in this channel:


amazing playthrough of the game,as a solo player. Illustrates the map procedures so well. 

A nice little mention of ECO MOFOS!! in this excellent podcast.

It's really really good!

Thanks so much!


Your game looks really fun and has awesome vibes.

 I do have a question regarding ranged combat. 
The section on attacking says “Ranged weapons roll damage in melee, but only hit if the dice shows a maximum.” 

Does this mean that if an opponent gets within melee range, hitting them with a melee weapon instead would make the hit an automatic success?
And if a ranged weapon deals 2d10, for example, would the dice rolls need to show two 10’s in order to hit an opponent in melee range? 
(Lastly, are we rolling for damage regardless of range to allow for the possibility of rolling a 1 and gaining Wear?)

I appreciate your time and applaud the effort put into this work, I can’t wait to run it.

hey, thanks for your support and looking so deeply into the game! Ok, so this system is based on Into the Odd, and in all games of this type you don’t roll to hit, you hit automatically and just roll damage. However, that damage is reduced by Armour, so roll low and it may all be absorbed. Whenever something has additional dice, you roll both and take the higher number. It’s a way of having higher average damage for particular weapons. For ranged weapons in melee, they mostly miss, but if they do hit, ouch! So yes, in the example you give, the ranged weapon attacker in melee would roll 2d10, and if the higher number was 10, then it hits for that damage. Double 1 and it would gain wear (so unlikely, but possible) 

Hope that helps! I’d love to hear how your sessions go. 


it’s a Jam!! An adventure Jam!!Make something cool


This is rad, love the vibe and the art. Mechanics are from fun systems and look solid. I'm in the middle of running a kickstarter but I'm defintely going to try and run this in the next few weeks. 

thanks! I’d love to hear about your sessions. And good luck with the KS! 


This is so cool!! Overflowing with style and tables.

thank you! Tables are my one true love. And art I guess


nice video from Black Gallarina about the making of Lost Eons, which shares a setting with ECO MOFOS!! 

My interview with Logar the Barbarian on Wobblies and Wizards, talking about ECO-MOFOS!!

My last game, just about to have a physical release