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Looking through this, it's super well laid out and I imagine it will be a breeze to run. 

however - there are a bunch of monsters noted, but no stat blocks. Any suggestions there? I'm new to Cairn, so I'm not so sure how to convert stat blocks. 

Thanks for your work on this!

thanks for checking the adventure out! I have a complete bestiary ready for this, I just uploaded in a rush and haven’t had a moment to add it- I’ll see if I can do that very soon. In the meantime, Yochai Gal’s bestiary is pretty comprehensive- and is what I have based the bestiary on. 

Is the Bestiary part of it now?


sadly no, but this is the nudge I needed to get it done :) 

Awesome! Sounds great. :)


love what you've done here. Well made!

Thanks so much! It was a ridiculous undertaking tbh haha

Hi! I assume by the line "Based on the work of Jean Wells and Tom Moldvay," this is an adaptation of the republished green cover of Palace of the Silver Princess and not the original orange cover. Is this correct?


Hi there, the majority of the dungeon is based on green, but we incorporated some lore and the surrounding area of orange.