Lunar Echos V2 *Soon to be* Available!

For over a year, the Sustainable Gaming Forum has been working on edits and new content for the release of the revised and updated version of Lunar Echos, a game based on the novellas by Becky Chambers, A Psalm for the Wild-Built and Prayer for the Crown Shy. This version is now done and has been sent to Becky Chambers to review before it will be released. The game is under contract with Becky Chambers, so we need her permission to make this next version free. We are inquiring to see if we can offer it for free soon!

Some things that have changed to look forward to:

  • New Natures: Garden, Food Forest, Apothecary, Cohouse, Makerspace, Market Circle and more! 
  • Fantastic illustrations for all of the Playbooks and many of the Natures from the talented Megan Dobbyn, funded through the itchfunding campaign we did after the game's initial release here on  You find out about her and see her work on her website.  
  • LOADS OF (public domain) ART from Art Nouveau artists such as William Morris, Maurice Pillard Verneuil, Alphonse Mucha, E. A Seguy, Georges Auriol, and copy left art from the visionary architect Luc Schuiten.
  • New colorful layout with many decorative elements added throughout the text. 
  • And more!

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I can't wait for a physical release. Those two books have been some of the most personally meaningful ones I've ever read, and I really love that someone has created such a great game based off of them :)

Don't worry, we're close now- there has been a long delay due to converstions with the publishers, but hopefully we should be able to go ahead soon. So glad you like the work.


Oh cool! Consider me an eager buyer when the time comes

also so still looking forward to a print run. :D

Really excited for this. Read Psalm earlier this year and am getting Prayer for Xmas. Will there be physical copies, for purchase, as well?

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Yes that is the plan! Enjoy Prayer, it's a lovely sequel.